2019 Kits and Partners Revealed

The Quidditch Premier League is delighted to reveal the kits our players will be representing their teams in this season, and our team partners for 2019. All ten existing teams have had their kits redesigned by Brand Director Lizzie Walton, to join the seven new teams that have already had their kits revealed.

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The refreshed 2019 kits retain the visual identity established for our existing teams over the past two seasons, while also refining elements that give their apparel a sense of regional identity. Brand Director Lizzie Walton has included a host of details for the eager-eyed fan to spot; for example, the dark green arrowheads on the new East Midlands Archers jersey is intended to be reminiscent of Sherwood Forest, while the subtle wavy lining throughout the new Yorkshire Roses jersey represents a topographical map of the Yorkshire Moors.

! northern.png

‘It was really important to me to take the opportunity to refresh our kits for the new season, and make players excited about their new jerseys and the summer ahead,’ said Brand Director Lizzie Walton. ‘I’ve brought in a lot of new styles and visual signatures here, and we’re now able to make the designs more detailed than ever before. That’s meant we can include a lot more detail to give the London Monarchs finer tracery patterns on their red, and the Southeast Knights more texture through the chainmail-like effect on their grey. My favourite detail is the Southwest Broadside, which features an intricate and specific pattern that was worn by 17th Century pirates to protest the upper class keeping such fabrics for themselves.’

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All kits will be produced and sold by the Quidditch Premier League’s apparel partner, SAVAGE Apparel Co, and their online store will be updated with this year’s jerseys shortly. The jerseys will, for the first time, be produced in Europe, which will minimise shipping costs for customers to a huge extent.

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The 2019 team partners include new and familiar faces, including Equals Financial, who are on a mission to provide efficient and value-led insurance, Texel Finance, a leading credit and political risk insurance broker, and Enrich Education, who are also the official youth partner of the league. All our partners will be profiled and featured in detail as the season continues, and a full list of our 2019 team partners is as follows:

Epione Medical Services

Hey Lizzie

SAVAGE Apparel Co

Texel Finance

Equals Financial

Enrich Education