Felix Linsmeier Appointed As Deputy Europe Director

The Quidditch Premier League is delighted to announce that Felix Linsmeier has been appointed as Deputy Europe Director with immediate effect. Felix will play a vital part in the league’s presence in Europe, in implementing this first season and in reviewing our ongoing work after the summer in such a key market.

Felix has been involved in the fabric of European quidditch for years, having worked on no fewer than four editions of the European Quidditch Cup, and overseen the governance of Quidditch Europe, first as secretary and then as executive director from 2015-2018. He is currently assisting in preparations for the 2019 European Games as part of Three River Sport Events, which will be held in Bamberg, Germany, this summer.

‘I'm very excited to join the Quidditch Premier League, and to contribute to making this first season in Europe a reality,’ Felix said. ‘I join the ranks of an incredibly talented team and I'm looking forward to what we'll be bringing your way!’


‘I am thrilled to welcome Felix to our team here at the Quidditch Premier League,’ said Jack Lennard, Director. ‘Felix is known across Europe as one of the most talented and experienced figures in the sport, and his contribution to the evolution of our continental offering will ensure we’re moving in the right direction as we take on the years ahead.’