What is the Quidditch Premier League?

The Quidditch Premier League is an ambitious project that seeks to bring exciting and competitive league play to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

When does the season run?

We run our fixtures during the university-based off-season, which is between June and August every year.

Is the Quidditch Premier League affiliated with National Governing Bodies?

The Quidditch Premier League is entirely separate and independent from National Governing Bodies and the International Quidditch Association. However, we often partner with National Governing Bodies to grow the sport of quidditch around the world. The Quidditch Premier League would not be possible without the support the sport has gained from the incredibly professional and effective National Governing Bodies, and we are grateful for everything they have done for quidditch.

Where do the teams come from?

The Quidditch Premier League teams are brand new, each representing a geographic region.

UK South Division

  • London Monarchs

  • London Lions

  • Southwest Broadside

  • Southeast Knights

UK Central Division

  • Eastern Mermaids

  • Welsh Dragons

  • East Midlands Archers

  • West Midlands Revolution

UK North Division

  • Northern Watch

  • Yorkshire Roses

  • Northern Angels

  • Scottish Thistles

European Division

  • Paris Lumières

  • Lille Géants

  • Brussels Atoms

  • Amsterdam Pride

  • Cologne Talons

I’m from an area that doesn’t fall within a team’s catchment area. Why isn’t there a team near me? 

If your UK location isn’t covered by a UK team, that’s fine! We’ll be in touch after you sign up to allocate you a team. If you live in continental Europe and are outside the general region of our European teams, that’s fine too - just apply as any other European player would, but please do be aware that you may have to travel further to take part.

What rulebook will the QPL use?

The rulebook for the 2019 season is currently under discussion, and will be announced shortly.

Who runs the teams?

Each team has an appointed manager, for which applications are now open. These managers can either take a playing spot on the roster, or be non-playing. They are responsible for their team, for tryouts, and liaising with the League.

How are the teams selected?

Each team holds regional tryouts in their catchment areas in February. The best 25 players are chosen by that team’s manager, and they form that team’s roster for the season. 18 players from those 25 will be selected for each fixture, providing some flexibility and strategy, as well as allowances for fatigue over the course of the season.

Teams that share catchment areas, such as the London teams and the Northern teams, as well as all five of our European teams, will have joint try-outs, after which the managers will draft players to their teams.

How do the fixtures work?

Fixtures are held regularly over the summer, with three being held for each division, and consist of each team playing the other divisional competitors once over the course of the day in a round-robin format. The location of the divisional fixtures will move around the region to ensure that all teams have a certain amount of fixtures close to home.

Will there be a Championship?

Each Quidditch Premier League season ends with a championship fixture at a professional and prestigious stadium. Previous championships have been held at Hull Craven Park stadium and Cardiff Arms Park stadium.

Do I have to be an ‘elite’ player to try out?

Absolutely not. Just come along and bring your best game. We’re offering one of the best opportunities to shine in the sport, regardless of what club you play for during the season.

What about brooms/hoops/kit?

We provide the hoops and the brooms. Players get personalised, fully sublimated kit included with their player fee each season.

How much will it cost?

You can find the membership fees for the 2018 season here.