2018 Season Changes and Fees

As the excitement grows for the new season of the Quidditch Premier League, we wanted to announce a few changes to things moving forward in 2018.

  • Teams will select 25 players, rather than 30.

  • Rosters for each fixture will be capped at 18, rather than 21.

We are implementing these changes as a response to feedback that clearly said a major issue from 2017 was a lack of playing time across the teams. It is our hope that a combination of these changes, as well as the addition of a new team in each division, will give each player more time on pitch, and, therefore, more value for their money.

Furthermore, we can announce a two-tier structure for player fees in the 2018 season. This is partly because players returning to their teams from last season will not be required to buy a kit again. However, new players, or players moving to a different team, will be required to pay the full amount and get a new kit. As with last season, the kit includes a fully sublimated and personalised shirt, sublimated shorts, and socks.

  • Player fee with kit: £84

  • Player fee without kit: £40

Finally, we would like to announce that this season we will be implementing a couple of changes to our player registration procedure.

This season, players will select a team to try out for, and will also be asked if they are eligible for any other teams; they can then rank those teams in order of preference. This does not apply if players are not eligible for any other teams. This change will ensure that we are best equipped to distribute overflow players between regions, and have a more accurate understanding of how applicants are distributed across the UK.

We will also be asking for a postcode region when you apply. Please note that we will not require a full postcode; just the region. For example, if one lived at SW3 4HH, we would require the SW3 part of the postcode. This is so we can better check eligibility for regions, as there was some confusion last season. This season, we will also be introducing strict and clear penalties and sanctions for people found lying about their eligibility on their application. More information on that will follow shortly.

We hope you're as excited for the 2018 season as we are; stay tuned for some more announcements, including new managers, try-outs, and fixture dates, very soon!