QPL Director To Attempt World Record

The Quidditch Premier League is delighted to announce that our Director, Jack Lennard, will be running the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon as part of a Guinness World Record attempt - the 'Fastest Marathon Dressed In Full Quidditch Kit'. The record attempt will be part of a fundraising effort for the Quidditch Premier League's 2018 official charity, which will be announced shortly. Last year, £600 was raised for our 2017 charity, the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group.

Players can have their say in the record attempt too - Lennard will wear the kit of the Quidditch Premier League team that has most sign ups by the end of January 2018 during the record attempt. So sign up now!

'Giving back is at the heart of what we do here at the Quidditch Premier League', said Lennard. 'This record attempt is a way to raise money for a cause that links closely to our values as an organisation, as well as a great way to get people talking. It'll be a fantastic day!'

2550782_GWR_OfficialAttempt-FullColour-R-RGB (1).jpg

2550782_GWR_OfficialAttempt-FullColour-R-RGB (1).jpg

Guinness World Records have set the rules for the record as the following:

  • For the purpose of this record, only seeker, chaser, or beater kit will be considered. It is not permissible to dress as a keeper or snitch runner.

  • The competitor must be wearing full quidditch kit (jersey, headband, and broom PLUS either a snitch for a seeker, a quaffle for a chaser, or a bludger for a beater). All articles must conform to official competition/ International Quidditch Association standards. If any article is removed, the attempt is disqualified. Details of the type of kit chosen must be submitted as evidence.

  • The broom used must be a full length, unmodified, commercially available broom measuring at least 1 metre from tip of the handle to the end of the bristles. Details of the broom used must be submitted as evidence.

  • The broom must be placed between the legs prior to the start of the attempt and be kept there for the duration, with the only exception being for breaks (as detailed below).

  • The broom, in addition to the snitch, quaffle, or bludger must be supported by the hands/arms for the duration of the attempt. It is not permitted to strap the broom/snitch/quaffle/bludger to the body in any way.