Snitch Workshops To Be Hosted At Select UK Divisional Fixtures

The Quidditch Premier League and QuidditchUK are delighted to present a series of free snitch workshops throughout the summer, hosted at select Quidditch Premier League divisional fixtures.

The fixtures hosting the snitch workshops will be Liverpool (16 June), Edinburgh (13 July), and Leeds (10 August) in the UK North Division, and Oxford (6 July) and Bristol (28 July) in the UK South Division. The workshops will begin at 9am and finish at 10am, allowing plenty of time before brooms up for the fixture itself at 10:30am.

Snitch Workshops.png

Workshops in the UK North Division will be led by Kieran Newton, while workshops in the UK South Division will be led by Hugh White. The workshops will feature drills on agility and strength, as well as real-game scenarios and guidance on good practice in safety and impartiality.

‘Giving our volunteers the confidence and skills to excel at their positions is a key part of retaining the momentum that has brought our sport so far, so fast,’ Jack Lennard, Director of the Quidditch Premier League, said. ‘I’m so pleased to be working alongside QuidditchUK in stewarding our sport, and the talents of those who make it such a wonderful community, into the next stage of our growth.’

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