Quidditch Premier League Expands Staff With Further New Volunteers

The Quidditch Premier League are pleased to welcome several new staffers on board to our executive team, in the streaming, social media, financial, and administrative sectors. Joining as our new Financial Director is Michael Ansell. Currently the manager for the Southeast Knights, Ansell has significant experience within the quidditch community, and is training as a professional accountant after the summer. Ansell will be working with our core team to submit corporation tax returns and file company accounts, as well as monitor and advise on the financial health of the business.


Also joining the team is Betsy Lewin-Leigh, who has been appointed as Assistant to the Director. She will be key to helping organise and coordinate the wider Quidditch Premier League volunteer team, as the organisation grows.


Sam Senior will be joining the team as Social Media Assistant, helping Social Media Coordinator Fraser Posford keep all eight team Facebook pages and Twitter feeds full of entertaining and informative content.


Finally, Giordano Di Pino-Forino will be joining the recently hired Matt Smith in our Media department, working on logistics for streaming and video production to bring the excitement of the Quidditch Premier League to as many people as possible.


'I am so pleased to bring more people into this incredible team,' Director Jack Lennard said. 'Working on this project has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. To be able to have fantastic, committed, and talented volunteers join us, and to be able to offer them that experience back, well, it just works brilliantly for everyone!'

If you are interested in joining our extraordinary team, send over an email to contact@quidditchpremierleague.com outlining how you'd like to be involved.