Quidditch Premier League Announces Trading Card Partnership With Bluehawk Quidditch Supplies

The Quidditch Premier League are delighted to confirm that we will be partnering with Bluehawk Quidditch Supplies to produce and sell trading cards for the 2017 season. The 2017 Quidditch Premier League trading card set will be open to cards featuring all 240 players, all managers, and all Quidditch Premier League staff members to submit cards to, and will be sold at all seven fixtures this season. Packs of ten cards will be available for £5, or you can buy five packs for £20. In addition to this, the Quidditch Premier League will also be purchasing referee cards and score markers for our officials to use from Bluehawk Quidditch Supplies.


'Bluehawk Quidditch Supplies have always produced phenomenal products, and we're so excited to be able to offer players and fans alike a lasting memento of this first season through their trading cards,' Quidditch Premier League Director Jack Lennard said. 'I can't wait to buy some for myself to remember this remarkable inaugural season with!'

'We're extremely thrilled to be involved with the Quidditch Premier League from the earliest stages of the inaugural edition,' said Jan Mikołajczak, one of the Directors of Bluehawk Quidditch Supplies. 'It's just the kind of initiative we love seeing in the quidditch community and we believe it is uniquely placed to help quidditch grow as a sport and as a phenomenon. We couldn't be more excited to work alongside the dedicated team at QPL, developing our flagship merchandise in new ways. '