Quidditch Premier League and QuidditchUK Announce Head Referee Coaching Partnership

The Quidditch Premier League is excited to announce a partnership with QuidditchUK to implement a mentoring scheme for Head Referees. The initiative will see experienced Head Referees appointed as coaches, with mentees signing up for shadowing and mentoring sessions at Quidditch Premier League fixtures this summer. The sessions include shadowing experienced, world-class head referees during games, one-on-one feedback with the mentors, and the opportunity to head referee their own games with intensive feedback and advice. Once they have completed a session, the mentees will be better equipped to pass rigorous field tests, have more confidence in taking on greater responsibilities when officiating, and will receive a certificate to demonstrate their achievement.

Sessions will cost £15 per person, and you can sign up for them here. The only stipulation is that attendees are not playing during that day in the Quidditch Premier League. Coaches will receive a payment of £150 per day to reimburse them for expenses and for their time.



'This is a fantastic partnership with QuidditchUK,' said Jack Lennard, Director of the Quidditch Premier League. 'Shortages of referees, and a lack of confidence among our leading officials, have been a problem for the sport around the world as it expands. This scheme will boost the refereeing landscape across the UK, and addresses these issues in a proactive and decisive way. I'd like to thank QuidditchUK for working with us on this, and I know that it'll be of huge benefit to the community and the sport in seasons to come.'

'Refereeing is the backbone of our sport,' said QuidditchUK President Mel Piper. 'Without it, we don't have a sport and thus the importance of this project with the Quidditch Premier League. We are delighted to be working on this project together, using the summer season to help our next generation of referees be confident and reach their full potential.'

Preliminary sign-ups for the scheme close on April 21st, at which point applicants will be informed whether they have been successful, and be given further details of when they will have their session.