Update to Secondary Team Policy

As was previously announced, for the 2018 season players are able to select a second team that they are also eligible for when applying. After consultation with players and our managers, we are updating this season's policy. Now, managers may select any secondary players not chosen by their primary team, rather than having to select primary applicants ahead of them.

This change has been made in order to ensure that the Quidditch Premier League has the very best players representing their regions across all teams. It strikes a balance between the ambition of presenting an elite level of the sport to the wider public, while also maintaining the integrity of the league's geographically regional teams.

Players who have already applied, or who are yet to apply, do not need to make any changes, or attend any extra try outs. This has been made possible through the generosity and cooperation of our managers, who have agreed to share notes and footage of players who they are not selecting with the manager of the teams said player listed as their secondary option.

We look forward to announcing the teams in March, and to seeing them take to the pitch stronger than ever before this summer! There is still time to sign up, so don't miss out.