Quidditch Premier League Announces Livestreaming Plans

The Quidditch Premier League can tonight announce plans to livestream all our 2017 fixtures online. This will open up audiences far and wide to see the highest levels of UK quidditch, and allow fans around the world to watch us change the game this summer. The Southern fixtures will be streamed with the help of Matt Smith and Gio Forino, two volunteers with the Quidditch Premier League whose combined experience of media and quidditch streaming more than qualifies them to head up our livestreaming efforts for these fixtures. Meanwhile, the Northern fixtures will be streamed in partnership with Stoat Media, run by Sam Davies, who has a similar level of experience in streaming the sport. All streaming will be using high quality cameras, PA systems that are linked to them to enable commentary for the stream, and graphics designed by Lizzie Walton.

streaming conceptArtboard 1.png

streaming conceptArtboard 1.png

The matches will be streamed on YouTube, with the links highly publicised for each event, and videos of full matches will be available to catch up on shortly after each fixture.

'Quality live coverage is the next big step for our sport,' Director Jack Lennard said. 'We've seen the level move from live tweeting, to shaky Facebook Live feeds, all the way to the exemplary products on display at an increasing number of national championships recently, such as with Quidditch Canada. I hope that this daring investment towards the resources needed for livestreaming will bring quidditch to even more people in even more places.'

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that we have not yet announced livestreaming plans for the Championship fixture. These are still in development, but we can confirm that the Championship will also be livestreamed.

Of course, it goes without saying that livestreaming this emerging sport is not without its difficulties, and we are aware of the technical challenges facing us as we attempt this, so we do ask fans to be patient should the quality not live up to expectations immediately. However, we are confident that spectators watching from anywhere will be able to see the Quidditch Premier League's inaugural season take flight as it happens.