Evan Edmond joins as Deputy Gameplay Director


The Quidditch Premier League can today announce that Evan Edmond has joined as Deputy Gameplay Director. He will be working with Gameplay Director Connor Simpson and the rest of the executive team in drawing up policies for our inaugural summer 2017 season.

'Evan is someone who is passionate about this sport at every level,' Director Jack Lennard said. 'He has played at the highest club level of the sport in Europe, and is always thinking of new ways to make the game more exciting and safer for our players. He is an addition that fits an emerging trend for our organisation - bringing in the most qualified and most talented people to build something unparalleled. I am delighted to welcome him to the team.'

A qualified doctor, who has devoted time researching the state of concussion in the sport, Edmond will be advising the team on any additional policies to keep our players safe. He will also bring his knowledge of the tactical side of the sport to ensure that any changes that deviate from the standard QuidditchUK rules are done with precision and care, providing the levels of gameplay that people will expect from the Quidditch Premier League.